Tuesday, 29 May 2012


  Earthquake    by Bartha Hill              School Journal Part 2, Number 4, 2004.

L.I: I am learning  to take a snapshot of a map showing Iran

LI; Making Connections
* If your house crumbled but you survived,how would life be different? "Where would you go?"
- If I survived my life would be totally different because I would have no place to live, no food and no clothes and
 all my   favourite stuff would be lost too.
 - I would go to the police station, red cross or the firemen and ask for help.

* "What help would you need?
- I would need help with food, water, first aid kit, shelter, and warm clothes.
LI: Making Inferences
* "What sort of help do Ellenna and her mum need?"
 - Ellenna and her mum need
        *comforting because of the loss of their family members.
    * food & water
    * shelter
    * first aid kit and a health check up.
    * clothes
* "If you could meet Ellenna and Amir, today, what sort of questions would you ask them?
   Amir-  How do you feel being a survivor? Do you still think about the earthquake?